Note256 features modern online notepad with a strong client-side encryption. An everyday tech tool.

Here's the story. As developers, we've constantly been working with some kind of credential data mess: host configurations, deployment options, backup copies of certificate keys, & so on. Then, we need it all to be privately available online - to share with colleagues, client tech admins or those freelance guys.

What is the way all this data is being stored in a real-world process, 95% of cases? Sad but true, I tell you: something in a plain text file on a host; [or] inside dropbox/gdocs shared doc; [or] even buried into an email archive ("I had sent you the SSH pass few months ago"). This can not be considered a secure approach by any means.

And what is «secure» in our cloud-era? It should mean that no authorized third party can physically access your data, even the storage host itself. We've seen stories where a bad guy or a malware code gained root access to servers and was able to bypass the «outside» security measures - because, you know, it's a root. Data can be considered secure if it's accessible on authenticated client premise ONLY - which means, an industry-grade client security endpoint has to be implemented in your browser. So we did it.

Why you'll need this tool?

Tech support & developer You definitely should store clients' sensitive account information in a secure manner. Multiple host configs, tech access credentials and deployment notes require a proper data vault. That's what a professional service has to be.
Project notes Your ideas and field data are both perfectly secured & available from every endpoint. Keep your innovation or business data locked and safe. Solves "lost my notebook" and "that SSD/TPM failed!" problems as well.
News investigations Your exclusive zero-day material never leaves client side unencrypted. No one have access to it, even imaginary. The service is accessed over SSL/TLS https channel only, which means all traffic between you and service is also being encrypted.
Android Paranoid All your data is being encrypted, hashed and transferred using industry-grade algorithms. Exact tech background you can check yourself, at your side, any time. Basically, we have no idea what is stored inside your docs, it's just a binary mess, like TV on a dead channel.


  • convenient and usable low-distraction UI. Perfectly suited for configs and raw material.
  • AES-256 (=years of decoding) for everything. MD5 hashes for content markers. No exceptions.
  • everything works inside a browser, no installation, on almost any device (do these smart watches already have web broswer?)
  • precise document-applied encryption. You can define a password for every piece of content.
  • a workspace. Security measures are no option to leave comfort behind.
  • Unicode and I18N friendly. 虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず。
  • all docs have a shared «panel side» which can be optionally encrypted separately
  • documents have inner structure, easily modified via project list
  • you may have as many separate secure document spaces as you wish, just change the project access key on the fly

Start using it

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«Y U NO do anonymity?»

1. Because we care about your data and it's integrity. Finding all your data under one consistent protected realm is a part of complex secure approach.

2. Because security through obscurity is a flaw, like «no one knows my url so they cannot find anything». It just doesn't work.

3. There already are too many pastebin-like services which don't serve our needs.